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Pebble Mine – a proposed metals mine in Southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay, threatens one of the largest and last remaining wild salmon populations in the world.

Bristol Bay provides nearly half of the world’s wild sockeye salmon.  Should the project move forward, the mine could generate more than 10 billion tons of dangerous waste, wipe out 90 miles of salmon streams and pollute more than 5,000 acres of wetlands, ponds and lakes.  It would likely plummet the salmon population — catastrophically impacting local communities and earth’s last great wild sockeye salmon fishery. 

That is why Friends of the Earth is glad to be in the fight to protect Bristol Bay, Alaska from the disastrous Pebble Mine.

Image via Bristol Bay Sockeye.

We Have a comprehensive plan to stop Pebble Mine:

Empower local tribes and organizations in Bristol Bay to be part of the public process and to help gain protections for their home-region.

Mobilize activists to urge EPA not to greenlight the project

Pressure financiers to stop funding Pebble Mine

Urge the Army Corps of Engineers to reject a crucial permit for this disastrous project

Work with leaders in Congress to demand the rejection of Pebble Mine using the federal government’s budget

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Stopping Pebble Mine and Saving Alaska’s Wild Salmon
Stopping Pebble Mine and Saving Alaska’s Wild Salmon

A years-long battle over a proposed mine in Alaska ended when a coalition that included Friends of the Earth successfully pushed the US Army Corps of Engineers to deny Pebble Mine a permit to operate in Bristol Bay,  killing the project! 

Cutting Off an Industrial Mine’s Financing
Cutting Off an Industrial Mine’s Financing

Pebble Mine is a clear environmental disaster—yet its parent company found a financier for the project in First Quantum Minerals. To stop this project, Friends of the Earth has worked  to hit them where it hurts: their financial backing.

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Army Corps of Engineers pushes Pebble Mine forward

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has cleared the way for the Pebble Mine project to move forward after releasing a rushed and inadequate Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on the proposed mine today.

Trump Administration to waive rules, clearing the way for more polluting projects

Trump is expected to sign an executive order today waiving long-standing environmental protection mandates, allowing federal agencies to rush through approval for pipelines, mines, and other destructive, polluting projects.

EPA fails to oversee disastrous Pebble Mine

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) failed yesterday to invoke its Clean Water Act section 404(q) authority to protect salmon-rich Bristol Bay, Alaska from the dangerous proposed Pebble Mine project.