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60,000 activists tell JPMorgan Chase: Denounce, divest and defund Formosa Plastics’ toxic and racist petrochemical complex

Plastic pollution poses a major threat to the health of our oceans, waterways and communities. Unsurprisingly, the same fossil fuel companies driving our global climate crisis are also expanding harmful petrochemical production throughout the United States, turning their own toxic waste into products they can profit off of. These facilities… Read More

Ports Need to Take Advantage of Inflation and Infrastructure Funding

Ports serve as crucial nodes in the global trade network. Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Although medium- and heavy-duty trucks used at ports and along freight corridors account for about only… Read More

The Climate & Agriculture provisions of the IRA

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is many things at once. The good and the bad all need to be considered together. Read More

Reasons You Shouldn’t Take a Cruise

Explore the top eight reasons you shouldn’t take a cruise. Pollution, crime, environmental effects, and viruses all included. Read More

Cruise Line Ratings

Every year, Friends of the Earth ranks the top cruise lines and their fleet of ships. Explore behind the scenes to see how they stack up. Read More

What is Blackwater?

Blackwater is another name for sewage, the wastewater that is released into the oceans full of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Read More

Can Cruise Ships Dump Garbage in the Ocean?

Cruise ships dump garbage in the ocean, explore types of waste and pollution that are released, conclude with a few other environmental impacts of cruises Read More

Are Cruise Ships Environmentally Friendly?

‘Is cruising environmentally friendly?’ is a very common question. Sadly, as fun as they seem, cruises pollute the water, air, and local communities. Cruise ships are not environmentally friendly. Read More

What is Gray Water?

Gray water is a type of waste water from cruise ship’s showers, bath and sinks. Learn more about the dangers it poses to the planet. Read More

Cruise Ship Water Pollution

Cruise ships generate billions of gallons of waste that is pumped into our oceans. See all the ways they pollute our waters. Read More