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Stopping Pebble Mine and Saving Alaska’s Wild Salmon

A years-long battle over a proposed mine in Alaska ended when a coalition that included Friends of the Earth successfully pushed the US Army Corps of Engineers to deny Pebble Mine a permit to operate in Bristol Bay, killing the project! Read More

Fighting for the Gulf in Court

Despite promising to be a climate leader, Biden approved 34% more oil and gas permits in his first year than Donald Trump did in his first year. Read More

Protecting Salmon in Alaska’s Bristol Bay

This victory wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless advocacy of Friends of the Earth and our allies in Bristol Bay and beyond. Read More

Tackling Air Pollution in Coastal Communities

Friends of the Earth’s oceans team is focused on safeguarding public health and our oceans by calling for shore power — a technology that connects docked ocean vessels to the electric grid, allowing ships to turn off their diesel engines when not at sea. Read More

Protecting the Arctic from Drilling

When Donald Trump approved an offshore drilling project off the coast of Alaska in 2018, Friends of the Earth jumped into action. Represented by Earthjustice, we brought a lawsuit in federal court with four other environmental organizations to challenge the project’s approval. And, two years later, we won. Read More

Saving California’s Coastline

Hundreds of Friends of the Earth members called their state legislators, urging them to support these important bills, and we went to Sacramento to march and voice our strong opposition to Zinke’s plan. Read More

Cutting Off an Industrial Mine’s Financing

Pebble Mine is a clear environmental disaster—yet its parent company found a financier for the project in First Quantum Minerals. To stop this project, Friends of the Earth has worked to hit them where it hurts: their financial backing. Read More

Keeping Puget Sound Clean

Five years of environmental activism will clean the state’s waterways, protect public health, and boost local economy. This is a major win for both Washington and our planet. Read More

Banning Industrial Ocean Fish Farming in Washington State

In early March 2018, Washington’s state legislature passed House Bill 2957—a bill that bans all future industrial net pen operations by 2022. This bill should send a message to the aquaculture industry that its time is up. Read More

Stopping the Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal

Stopping Gateway Pacific was a landmark victory for tribal nations and significantly contributed toward saving the Salish Sea. Read More