Natural History

The Natural Bridge is a place of immense natural beauty.  The Baron de Turpin said of the bridge (in 1787 English translation):

If we consider this bridge simply as a picturesque object, we are struck by the majesty with which it towers in the valley. The white oaks, which grow upon it, seem to rear their lofty summits to the clouds; whilst the same trees, which border on the rivulet, appear like shrubs. As for the naturalist, he must content himself with such observations as may guide a more hardy philosopher to form some probable conjecture on the origin of this extraordinary mass.

In this section, we examine and describe some of the flora and fauna to be found in the area of the Natural Bridge.

Birds of the Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge is a great place for birds.  The varied habitats around the Bridge – the Cedar Creek gorge, open grasslands, nearby agricultural lands, the James River and several different forest types – provide a wide choice of foods and microclimates.  The Valley of Virginia is constricted near Natural Bridge and the short distance between the Blue Ridge Mountains to east and the Alleghenies to the west may increase the number of higher elevation birds.